First Film of the year – Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands

My film year started with the old Agfa Isolette III; I have been very lazy as actually I put the film in before xmas and the poor camera flew all the way to India and back with just one view shot. Well this is how film is, 12 shots last ages and suddenly when do shoot the last one you regret you don’t have another roll at hand. No you can’t delete a crap picture to free some space on your film!
Tuesday morning, straight out of work I went to the nearby PhotHub shop and drop the film (and another one, I’ll tell you later) and this afternoon I got the negatives. Run home, turn the scanner on, scan, clean the dust, lightroom and here we go.

This shot was done at dusk in Marina Bay at Singapore, the camera was help on a table or something as I thik it was shot at 1/15’s of a second with the maximum apperture of F4.5. I did some better shots with this camera but hey, this is the first roll of the year.

Camera: Agfa Isolette III
Film: Kodak Portra 120Vc
Scanner: Epson V500 + Epson Software (Digital Ice – Speed)
Retouches: Lightroom 3

First Film of the year – Marina Bay Sands

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