Blast from the past – Pompei (Italy) 1976

Pompei - 1976

Not quite the other film I was talking about in my last post. Just got from my mum this picture from Pompei, back in 1976, quite a while back but a lot later after the eruption from mount Vesuvio who ruined the city.

This is my oldest picture so far, it was taken with this camera Kodak Instamatic 56x a Kodak Instamatic 56x, with film cartridges. This is the actual camera that traveled with me to Italy, Greece and Turkey that year, no longer working but still hanging around in the house, 10000 KM from where I used to stay at that time.

I was 10 by the way, you can do the math, but really it’s not worth it.

Oh and what about the “Other film”, well that will be for another time

Camera:Film Size: 126
Shutter: Single Speed 1/50
Lens: Fixed focus 43mm f/11
Dates: 1972-1977
Scanner: Scanned from print, HP flatbed scanner (Thanks Mum!)
Processing: PSP Elements 4.0 + Llightroom 3

Blast from the past – Pompei (Italy) 1976

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