Walk around Jalan Besar in Singapore

The film of the latest walk around with the Leica is back from the shop. There are a few shots from the Jalan Besar a bit outside the center of Singapore; 3 MRT stations from the city center; supposing that the shopping and business district is the city center. It is quite a popular area with coffee shops at the corner of streets, old folks sipping coffee, small hidden, karaoke bars and semi-industrial workshops. Very “last time” as we say here.

I am a victim of a GAS attack ! Never hear of Gear Acquisition Syndrome ? Well the name says it all. Suddenly with no particular need you feel the urgent need to get a new piece of gear. C’mon you know what I’m talking about. The worse is that you don;t need anything do you? Don’t I? Well after a couple of sleepless nights I think I found something that I can direct my lust to… wait and see, Ouch that’s a nasty attack!

Camera: Leica M4
Lens: Summilux 50mm F1.4
Film: Kodak TMAX 100ASA
Processing: Epson v500+Lightroom 3.3

Walk around Jalan Besar in Singapore

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