Urban exploration – Tiong Baru – Singapore

Saturday afternoon in Tiong Baru are in Singapore. Tiong Baru is a very central area, it is mostly interesting for its architecture, here was experimented before the WWII the singaporean conpept of HDB, the local fllavor of Public Housing (intersting reading from the government urbanistic agency http://www.ura.gov.sg/conservation/tbahru.htm)
The array of streets up from block 55 is very nice for a walk, the building have been recently renovated and are parts of a conservation area. I am not a specialist but it seems that the area is undergoing a gentrification process and coffree shops, restaurants and typical convenience shops are mixing with more recent shops like the French Bookshop and the very nice Books Actually or the new and hyped “Tiong Baru Bakery“.

Looks like I found myself a new playground.

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Camera:Nikon D700
Lens:Tamron Adaptall 2 28mm F2.5 (manual Focus)

Urban exploration – Tiong Baru – Singapore

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