From the treasure chest : the Dacora Digna

Dacora Digna
Dacora Digna

This Dacora Digna use to belong to my wife’s late uncle.

These camera were manufactured in Germany in the mid 1950’s.

It has a collapsible 80mm/F8 lens and a very simple shutter, made from a single spring, two apertures F8 or F11, made from a disk with holes of two different sizes. The shutter speed is said to be around 1/50th. The distance is set via guess-o-meter with a dial that indicates 1 to 3, 3 to 8, more than 8 meters.

It takes modern 120 films.

The shutter was stuck but it was easily sorted out and works great since I got in summer 2008.

So during Christmas time I went back to France, and pulled it from the treasure chest (an old Tamrac Bag). The only film I had at hand was a 100ASA Elite-chrome Slide film from Kodak, not the best choice for a camera with so little settings.
But here are the results, thanks to shiny weather ad sheer luck.

Sunday Lunch – Bijou Plage – Cannes

This one is the best of the lot ; people having a picnic on the beach the Sunday after Christmas, thanks to the mild weather.

Port-Canto – Cannes

The Port Canto, I like the depth of the colors coming out of the slides.Not much post processing was involved appart from cloning dust out. This camera is the only one which is giving me this problem of putting dust on the film resulting in black spots once exposed.

La capitainerie

The building of the “Capitainerie” of Port Canto in Cannes.

Musée Océanographique – Monaco

The Musée Océanographique – Monaco

From the treasure chest : the Dacora Digna

The German- Soviet Pact (In photography term) – Take 2

For hobbies there is never any reason not to follow the path of silly or failed ideas. As the say goes in Batman: “Why do we fall down sir? So we can learn to pick ourselves up” (or learn from our faillures or do we?).

See : The German- Soviet Pact (In photography term)

So here I was again last December, playing with the Industar 22 lens on the Leica M4. Not only did I do it once, but in fact twice. But I like the collapsible lens on the M body, so slick, and the manual focusing works like a charm.

On 5th Dec I was invited at a charity lunch organized by Mark Weingard for Inspirasia foundation at the Mandarin Oriental in Singapore and brought this combo instead of a DSLR. On my way to the lunch I stopped by my favorite film shop (Ruby photo at Excelsior Plaza) and bought a roll of Ilford 3200 ASA. Well that did not go out too well, light was too dim, even for 3200 ASA, I would have been better off with the Summilux. Only the following shot reach the level of view-able.

Chef Eneko Atxa with Pat

This is trippled Michelin starred and cool chef Eneko Atxa(left) with my friend Pat inside a kitchen before the lunch.

Back from Xmas holidays I have a few shots left on a Kodak Portra, so on my way to the office I changed lens for the Industar and shot happily. Pity the lens flares so much, otherwise with a bit a post production work the results are quite acceptable.

Street Art – Summerset MRT – Singapore

First stop the skate park close to the nearby MRT station, the same street artist is back, so am I. I like his drawings a lot, looking forward to meet him when he’s at work one of these days.

White umbrella – MBFC – Singapore

Across the street from Marina Bay Financial, I was attracted by this white umbrella. Do you notice there are only women in the frame?

Your were warned – MBFC – Singapore

At the back MBFC tower 3, I think I already shot this. Too many signs kill the sign… well you cannot say you were not warned.

Camera:Leica M4
Lens:Industcar 22 50mm 3.5+adapter
Digifilm:Epson V500+Lightroom

The German- Soviet Pact (In photography term) – Take 2

2012 – A year in film

Chess Players – La croisette – Cannes – French Riviera

Happy new year to all, so here starts the photographic year 2013. But just before rushing into shooting the new year, let’s have a quick look back to 2012.

Last year was for me the year of the film. I have just collected the last 3 rolls, so this amount to a total of 40 rolls for the year. Will I be able to make 52 in 2013?

40 rolls of a mixture of medium format (12 shots) and 35mm (36 shots), pictures of friends, family, travels or just street snaps. I can reassure you, in the same time I have “burned” a lot of pixels, but I am not a mass shooter so probably “only” did about 4000 digital pics, mostly travels.

This year I carried around the Hasselblad through Rajastan, France, Cambodia and of course Singapore, and I’ll keep on bringing it on travels this year.

The only camera item I remember buying this year is the old Zorki-S (but maybe I’m getting old and can’t remember).

I have taken all my old friend from the magic cupboard at least once in the year and will do the same this year.
Nikon F
Nikon F3
Nikon F4
Minolta Hi-Matic 7s
– and of course the Leica M4

Stay tuned and happy shooting

2012 – A year in film