2012 – A year in film

Chess Players – La croisette – Cannes – French Riviera

Happy new year to all, so here starts the photographic year 2013. But just before rushing into shooting the new year, let’s have a quick look back to 2012.

Last year was for me the year of the film. I have just collected the last 3 rolls, so this amount to a total of 40 rolls for the year. Will I be able to make 52 in 2013?

40 rolls of a mixture of medium format (12 shots) and 35mm (36 shots), pictures of friends, family, travels or just street snaps. I can reassure you, in the same time I have “burned” a lot of pixels, but I am not a mass shooter so probably “only” did about 4000 digital pics, mostly travels.

This year I carried around the Hasselblad through Rajastan, France, Cambodia and of course Singapore, and I’ll keep on bringing it on travels this year.

The only camera item I remember buying this year is the old Zorki-S (but maybe I’m getting old and can’t remember).

I have taken all my old friend from the magic cupboard at least once in the year and will do the same this year.
Nikon F
Nikon F3
Nikon F4
Minolta Hi-Matic 7s
– and of course the Leica M4

Stay tuned and happy shooting

2012 – A year in film

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