Dambulla – Sri Lanka

The Dambulla cave temple is also a must see in the region. In the city itself is the Golden Temple which is at the bottom of the hill where the cave temple resided.

Dambulla golden temple – Sri Lanka

The Golden temple has a massive gilded Buddha statue that towers over the temple compound and the road that passes outside. To go to the Cave temple, you have to climb the hill from there of be dropped half way by a vehicle, which we did. Importunately we met some rain on that day and the visit was not so nice nor the pictures from the outside overly successful.

The cave temple is made of many caves, along the same side of the hill, in which you enter through these beautiful while buildings.

Many statues of the Buddha in several positions and kings can be found there, supposedly they have been carved on the stone of the rock itself.

The caves vary in size and shape, the stucco style of paintings on the walls and ceilings are beautiful.

Luckily among the tourist, some devotees are also visiting the temple to bring offerings and worship. Note that some services are held in some of the caves at some times in the day and at that occasion the cave is closed for the duration of the ceremony.

All pictures are taken with the faithful D700, with 50mmF1.8D or the 17-38F2.8D close to max aperture as there is very little light inside. The place was quite busy when we got there and looking for the best pictures opportunity may take some time.

Dambulla – Sri Lanka

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