The Leica IIIC

The Leica IIIC and Summitar 50mmF2

So this is my latest acquisition, a vintage Leica IIIC, built soon after World Word III (1949 if you believe the literature) and the associated 50mm, a Summitar F2, which himself was probably made during  war (1940 if you believe …).

Hold of your horses, I did not break the piggy bank to get this little fellow, the body was around 200 USD and the lens on the top 300, all postage included.  So I could respond to my Leica envy without getting into any argument at home (nearly no argument).

This is a very nice piece of kit to handle, and since May I already did a few film with it.

The only annoying thing I would say are the separate windows for focusing and framing; but I’m getting used to it. The other specifics, like cutting the film trailer for loading or the rewind knob are easy to get used to. There is also a little lever on the top left of the body that acts like a dioptric adjustment and which I welcome very much.

The LeicaIII was part of the film only trip to Taiwan, and came with me in France, but that’s another story.

Sharp Dressed Man : From the first film with the Industar 50mm F3.5

Ice Man: This time with the Voigtländer Color Skopar 21mmF4

Keong Saik Road: With the Summitar 50mmF2.0

The Leica IIIC