Chandigarh – first approach

Chandigarh was supposed to be the highlight of our trip to Punjab with the Golden temple of Amritsar, but it turned out it is a bit more complicated that it looks. We have been longing for years to visit the building designed by Lecorbusier, and finally they were in reach.

But Chandigarh has a few more things to visit, the first one we head to was the market of Sector 17. The market is in fact a vast open space where people gather at night and have a stroll, meet and have fun rather than an actual market.

Of course there are actual stalls selling food and shops in the arcades of the modernist buildings. But for our firs glimpse of Chandigarh we were not very impressed.

Ok this was the night, we spent the day on the road, and I thought it was not a real market, so I was a bit upset. Also talking to our guide I realized ( a bit late) that the next day we will be out to visit an important Gurudwara and will only be back again in the evening to Chandigarh.

So the next day after our day trip we visited the next two attractions : the rose garden (there were no roses at this time of the year, or maybe we just spot one) and the Sukhna Lake.


The Sukhna Lake is an artificial lake made after the city was constructed by one of the city benefactors, the same that did the rose garden.


It is another popular spot where locals and tourists went out for a walk at night and enjoy fresher air.


But I started being in quite a bad mood : I wanted to see concrete modernist building not an expanse of water in the dark.


As a bonus we tested the delicacies above.


And tomorrow we have only 4 hours to visit the legendary public buildings of Lecorbusier.

Chandigarh – first approach

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