Hassie travels to Angkor Wat

I’ve been too busy sorting the pictures from the trip to Cambodia for posting here, but I can;t delay anymore what will be the last post of the year. So here are some pics done in Angkor Wat and downtown Siem Reap in Cambodia last November.

As for my last trips I carried around the Hasselblad witht 80mm and two backs and an assortment of color (new Portra) and Black and White (Rollei RPX) film.

The Bayon

Inside the Bayon
Ta Promh
Ta Promh
Eggs Seller in the streets of Siem Reap
Street Food Stall – Siem REap
Street Drink Stall – Phnom Penh
FCC Hotel Siem Reap

Of course I also brought the d700+50mm+17-32F2.8+80-200F2.8 and a tripod, you can have a look at the set on flickr Cambodia 2012

Do I need to say I love this place? It was our second time in Siem Reap and the second in Phnom Penh as well.
We stayed at FCC hotel in Siem Reap and Le Royal in Phnom Penh both worth checking if you travel around there.
November is the beginning of the good season in Cambodia so Siem Reap / Angkor Wat are not crowded yet, or not so crowded yet.

Hassie travels to Angkor Wat

Time travel with the Nikon F3

The last post on the Nikon F3, makes me go through my Flickr stream and look for some nice travel pics done with the old fellow. I probably have more, but I don’t want to be too boring. You will notice a big empty space between 2000 and 2009; well these were the days of the digital point and shoot… duh.

Nepal 2011

Cambodia 2010

Laos 2009

Bali 2000

Senegal 1997

Kassel 1997

Bruxelles 1996

New York 1996

Egypt 1996

Bora Bora 1995

Easter Island 1995

Time travel with the Nikon F3