Cannes (France) Destruction of the old Hospital

The old hospital is being destructed; I made a few shots of the “destruction site” on a bright sunny day.

The 17-35 and polarizing filter made wonder (to my taste), I love the colors.

On the building itself, I don’t know much, it was built after WWII, my dad worked on some of the iron fences that were surrounding it. I always loved the late Art-Deco/Modernist side or it. Another landmark on the go…

I had the pleasure to spend a few days there around 2006, and the inside was in urgent need or renovation. Some rooms probably had sea view, some a distressing view on Cannes cemetery

Not many people were working at  the destruction; I had a discussion with this young chap, who apologized for not being able to let me inside… thanks anyway mate.


Cannes (France) Destruction of the old Hospital

100.000 – One hundred thousand

Site under construction

My account reached one hundred thousand (100000) views on Flickr this week, probably nothing to be too proud about, surely a big part of it have not even been seen. But yet, some have, so thank you flickr.

“Site Under Construction”, at Marina Bay Financial Center (MBF) in Singapore.

On the way to my new office MBF Tower 2, the construction continues. Tower 3, maybe 4 ? I don’t know – don’t care really. But nice shot opportunities.

Camera:Nikon D700
Lens:Tamron 28mmf2.5 Adaptall 2 (aka the infamous)
Processing:LR3+PS Elements 4.0

100.000 – One hundred thousand