From the treasure chest : the Dacora Digna

Dacora Digna
Dacora Digna

This Dacora Digna use to belong to my wife’s late uncle.

These camera were manufactured in Germany in the mid 1950’s.

It has a collapsible 80mm/F8 lens and a very simple shutter, made from a single spring, two apertures F8 or F11, made from a disk with holes of two different sizes. The shutter speed is said to be around 1/50th. The distance is set via guess-o-meter with a dial that indicates 1 to 3, 3 to 8, more than 8 meters.

It takes modern 120 films.

The shutter was stuck but it was easily sorted out and works great since I got in summer 2008.

So during Christmas time I went back to France, and pulled it from the treasure chest (an old Tamrac Bag). The only film I had at hand was a 100ASA Elite-chrome Slide film from Kodak, not the best choice for a camera with so little settings.
But here are the results, thanks to shiny weather ad sheer luck.

Sunday Lunch – Bijou Plage – Cannes

This one is the best of the lot ; people having a picnic on the beach the Sunday after Christmas, thanks to the mild weather.

Port-Canto – Cannes

The Port Canto, I like the depth of the colors coming out of the slides.Not much post processing was involved appart from cloning dust out. This camera is the only one which is giving me this problem of putting dust on the film resulting in black spots once exposed.

La capitainerie

The building of the “Capitainerie” of Port Canto in Cannes.

Musée Océanographique – Monaco

The Musée Océanographique – Monaco

From the treasure chest : the Dacora Digna

Bukit Brown Cemetery – The film shots – Singapore

Sikh Guard - Bukit Brown Chinese Cemetery - Singapore
Sikh Guard – Bukit Brown Chinese Cemetery – Singapore

Camera: Hasselblad 500CM
Lens: 80mm F2.8
Film: Kodak Ektar 100
Scanner: Epson v500+Lightroom 3

The 3 films shot with the Hasselblad during out outing to Bukit Brown cemetery are are finally back from the lab. One of the best shots is this statue of a Sikh guard protecting a tomb (actually there are a pair of them). These were 3 different films, this one is an Ektar 100 which is probably the one that gave the best results, the portra 400 NC was not bad either, but I am disappointed with my first ever slide film, I’ll make another post on the subject.

Bukit Brown Cemetery – The film shots – Singapore