Girl by the road side – Udaipur – Rajasthan – India

The girl on the side of the road

Sorry, as I said yesterday, I have loads of pictures from Rajasthan so I think i’ll keep posting them until I am done with sorting them out and publishing a small book on Blurb.
Actually as follow up of my post of yesterday, I think I’ll do 2 books, one with the pictures one with the pictures interesting a more general audience, and why not try to sell this book. He he, maybe I can get enough money to by a couple of rolls of film? So I have starting to tag the family pictures as “Family” in Lightroom, so I can export them all on one go. Oh yeah, I’m using Lightroom 3 for post processing and an old version of Photoshop Elements for which I have a license. I have loaded all the pics, digital and film in a “India 2012” collection, and that’s where I’m working from, rejecting pictures that are not good enough for publishing and lightly touching up the others as I go along.

Oh yeah, the girl by the road side was standing by the road side (amazing !) with a lot of other people on the way from downtown Udaipur to our hotel in a quite busy cross-roads. At that time of ate afternoon the sun was on her back but without too much touching-up the results is show-able, note that this was shot from inside the car with the 50mm, but I’ll come back on this later.

Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: Nikkor 50mm F1.8D App: F.4 Speed:1/4000s
Processing: LR3+PS Elements 4.0

Girl by the road side – Udaipur – Rajasthan – India

The Little Girl paddling on Lake Inle

Probably my best picture of Burma. The D700 makes wonders! or maybe the magic air of Inle? I like the quality of the image, that one feels like a slide.

[FR] LA petite fille qui ramait sur le Lac Inle.

Probablement ma meilleure photo be Birmanie. Le D700 fait des merveilles, ou alors c’est la magie de l’air du Lac? J’aime la qualité de l’image, on dirait une diapo.


Camera:Nikon D700
Lens: Nikkor 80-200 F2.8 D
Retouches: Lightroom 3

The Little Girl paddling on Lake Inle