The return of the Hi-Matic (2)

So the Minolta Hi-Matic 7s, is out of the box. I find out a suitable Duracell battery in my magic cupboard and a roll of TMax from the fridge and off we go. As I said elsewhere I am not a mass shouter, I picked up photography in the old days of film when we were taking one shot at a time because well it costs. I don’t care too much about the cost nowadays but still I kept the habit, so unless there is a special event it takes me a few weeks to shoot a full roll of film. This is something I like with the Hasselblad or 120 film cameras in general, 12 shots per film is pretty good for a week end if nothing special happens. Hey also remember that this is not digital so ISO is fixed; there’s just so much time in the day where you can use your camera. Back to the cost, 1 TMax = 8 SGD, processing 6.5 SGD, 4 bus rides to the shop 3 SGD = 17.5 SGD for a roll so 50 cents per shot; 4 shots per EURO.

We are the rrobots

A Robot in a toy store (N’gee Ann City, Orchard Road, Singapore), shot wide open (F1.8) probably 1/30s handheld

Shark Aid 2012

There is always something happening on Orchard Road, that day it was the Shark Aid 2012 campaign to save sharks from Shark Fin soup

Walter by Dwan Ng

This is WALTER: A Big Bunny by artist Dawn Ng, in front of SAM (Singapore Art Museum)

Low Kee Hong and Jeremiah Choy,

Singapore Arts festival 2012 presentation in Kinokuniya bookstore by Low Kee Hong and Jeremiah Choy, interesting and funny.

Shot wide open F1.8 at 1/30s handheld, a bit blurry… duh!

Ok that was funny, but I’m not  sure my practice of photography have made a big leap forward. I think I have to get rid of the leather case whose strap comes in the middle when framing vertically,  also the  shutter-release button is not that soft, you have to press it with some strength before it actually fire, causing some shake; very unlike my Leica M4.

The return of the Hi-Matic (2)

The return of the Hi-Matic

Two years ago my dad gave me this excellent condition Minolta Hi-Matic 7s, this camera belonged to a deceased grand uncle of mine.

Minolta Hi-Matic 7S

The fellow is as old as me, and onece loaded with an Alkaline battery and a roll of film it worked like a charm and the meter is spot on.

See the camerapedia page

I try to shot a couple of rolls a year with this kind of poor man’s Leica and got some nice shots like this one I called “envy” (Film :Fuji Accross 100ASA)


Or this summer shot in Cagnes sur Mer in France

Le port du Cros

(Film :Kodak Gold 200ASA)

Earlier this month I dug it from the dry (tupperware) box, cleaned loaded and shot a roll of Tmax around town; that will be for the next post

Meanwhile you can see a few more shots on flickr

The return of the Hi-Matic