STPI Open day and Takashi Murakami: From Superflat to Bubblewrap

This year the STPI in Singapore had its open day during the Takashi Murakami exhibition “From Superflat to Bubblewrap“, this was the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.


No need I think to introduce the iconic Japanese artist who uses manga like practice to depict modern Japan. I only had B&W film that day so I did not took many pictures of the art works.


Open days at the STPI (Former Singapore Tyler Print Institute) are always enjoyable, if you have young children they can discover and experiment various print practices, that also work it seems for  teenagers and young adults alike.


For guys (or gals) with a camera, it is a nice opportunity to captures willing models engaged in not so common activities.


The STPI now positions itself as a gallery, aiming to promote the usage of print and paper mediums.


Artists shown in the gallery often have a collaboration with the print makers.


The smiling lady at the printing press has been working there for years, she is now an independent architect ; time flies.



All shots were done with the Leica M6 and Summicron 50mm on Kodak Tri X, at 400 ISO.  genarally shot between F2 and F4 and 1/60s ro 1/12s. The film was processed by Ruby photo (or rather their usual contractor) and scanned at home on Epson v800 with Silverfast.


I generally convert the images to grey-scale and remove dust spots in Adobe Elements and adjust the contract and brightness in Lightroom.


The workshop can also be a treasure where odd objects can be found and pictured for eternity.


One of the DIY items of the week end was an STPI apron.


You can see picture of the last workshop I went to 4 years ago STPI at that time pictures were shot with Canon EOS 1N and 1.8 Canon lens.


STPI Open day and Takashi Murakami: From Superflat to Bubblewrap

Girl by the road side – Udaipur – Rajasthan – India

The girl on the side of the road

Sorry, as I said yesterday, I have loads of pictures from Rajasthan so I think i’ll keep posting them until I am done with sorting them out and publishing a small book on Blurb.
Actually as follow up of my post of yesterday, I think I’ll do 2 books, one with the pictures one with the pictures interesting a more general audience, and why not try to sell this book. He he, maybe I can get enough money to by a couple of rolls of film? So I have starting to tag the family pictures as “Family” in Lightroom, so I can export them all on one go. Oh yeah, I’m using Lightroom 3 for post processing and an old version of Photoshop Elements for which I have a license. I have loaded all the pics, digital and film in a “India 2012” collection, and that’s where I’m working from, rejecting pictures that are not good enough for publishing and lightly touching up the others as I go along.

Oh yeah, the girl by the road side was standing by the road side (amazing !) with a lot of other people on the way from downtown Udaipur to our hotel in a quite busy cross-roads. At that time of ate afternoon the sun was on her back but without too much touching-up the results is show-able, note that this was shot from inside the car with the 50mm, but I’ll come back on this later.

Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: Nikkor 50mm F1.8D App: F.4 Speed:1/4000s
Processing: LR3+PS Elements 4.0

Girl by the road side – Udaipur – Rajasthan – India

Digital can wait

Valérie through Hasselblad magic

Yes, digital can wait! My 500 and so pictures from Indonesia taken with the D700 will have to hang around a temporary folder for a while : I collected 2 rolls of films from the shop Monday and I am amazed. How can these 24 shots, painfully taken over a couple of weeks which costs me nearly 1 EUR each please me so much? Well I don’t know really. Probably because of the pain and the cost. Nothing perfect here just 24 shots most of which I have no shame to show; pretty good hit ratio compare to the D world.

Paradox of the day: I had to use a bit of lightroom magic to make film looks nearly as good as digital!

Camera: Hasselblad 500CM, Planar 80mm F2.8
Film: Kodak Portra 400 NC
Scanning: EPSON V500, Lightroom 3, PSP Elements 4

Digital can wait

Old Kallang Airport – Singapore

Old Kallang Airport - Singapore
Old Kallang Airport - Singapore

Camera: Nikon F Photomnic (Prism in working order)
Lens: Nikkor 50mmF1.4 AIS
Film: Hilford Delta 100
ScannerEpson ,V500
Processing: LR3+PS Elements 4.0

Ok, this week a small break from the Nepal pictures; the Kallang Airport (, which was Singapore airport from 1937 to 1995, was opened to the public this year as part on the Singapore Biennale. Just got the film back from the shop and here are some pictures.

For these picture I brought my Manfrotto tripod; the F mirror shake is generally so bad that I feel these pictures really got a benetif from using a tripod for once.

Instead of the original 50mmF1.4 S I used my “new” 50mmF1.4AIS.

Also during this time I have been de-stocking some stuff: my Lowepro Slingshot bag is gone, it was too small , my gear too heavy (and the strap does not feel comfortable with my beerbelly ;)), the excellent Nikkor 24mm F2.8 is gone today as well, I don’t really use it any more since I bought the 17-35F2.8, fair-well my friends. Don’t worry, I am not just making void; mostly making room for a new acquisition very soon.

Old Kallang Airport – Singapore

Singapore River Festival 2010 AIR

Photo: Sunday 27th June 2010, a show on Singapore river for the annual River Festival.
Camera: Nikon D80, Angenieux 70-210F3.5
Touch-up:Lightroom 2.x / Bibble Pro 5/ PSP Elements 4.0


Today was a manual focus day, digged out the Tamrom 28mmF2.5 and the Angenieux Zoom 70-210F3.5; both lens fit on the Nikon D80, but the light metering does not work. So a bit of guess is required. I think this picture was taken with ISO1000 and High NR reduction, F3.5 and 1/50s; not as bas as expected, finally the worst part of the picture is the framing.

Post processing: Basic edition in Adobe Lightroom 2 (Frame, rotate, white balance, exposure), Noise reduction and Sharpening in Bible pro 5, for export to Flickr final histogram and frame with Photoshop Element 5.

[French] Dimanche 27th Juin, un spectacle pour sur la “Singapore river” pour le festival annuel de la rivière. Aujourd’hui une journée de mise au point manuelle, j’ai sorti le Tamron 28mmF2.5 et le zoom Angenieux 70-210F3.5; les deux objectifs se montent sur le Nikon D80, mais la mesure de l’exposition ne marche pas. Un peu de pifomètre est nécessaire. Je pense que cette phot a été prise à ISO1000 avec le réglage (optionnel) High NR réduction, F3.5 et 1/50s; pas aussi mal que je le craignais, en fin de compte seul le cadrage est loupe.

Retouches: Edition de base avec Adobe Lightroom 2 (cadrage, rotation, balance des blancs, exposition), Réduction du bruit et aiguisage (?) avec Bible pro 5, et version pour Flickr avec création d’un cadre et réglage final de histogramme dans Photoshop Element 5.

Singapore River Festival 2010 AIR