A night trip to Senoko fishery port

So after the Road Side vegetables market of Toa Payoh we are heading north to Senoko fishery port. There is wholesale fish market providing stock from local fish trawlers, in-shore vessels and fish farms as well as imported sources, and distributes to markets, supermarkets, food courts and restaurants across Singapore


The market is located at 31 Attap Valley Road, Singapore 759908; east to Woodlands checkpoint. It is lucky hat one of my friends was driving otherwise it would have been  difficult to get there and back.


Around midnight the market starts to be busy. Individuals come here for cheaper seafood particularly in this time coming up to Chinese new year.L1009668

But the market is also preparing orders for hawkers, wet markets and the restaurants of Singapore.


The place is busy, the ground slippery, that’s a nice small adventure.


You can find different products types, like crabs, prawns and fish from all types.


Each company have its own delimited concrete square , with scales and a boss, noting down orders


The work of others is always a nice show to behold.


People are quite friendly, I did not really go asked not to take a picture, but the place is very busy so mind not standing in the way.


Prawns or shrimps arriving and being thrown to the ground. They will be sorted manually later.


Outside more fish is coming.


Ice is a big business here.


All shots Leica M262, Summilux 50mmv2

A night trip to Senoko fishery port

Warorot Market – Chiang Mai – Thailand

Last holidays trip was in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. This is my second trip there and I love place. This is the second time I travel with a Leica kit both Film and Digital. I have two bodies a M6 and a M262, a 28 Summicron, a 35 Summaron F2.8, an old Summilux 50 v2 and an Elmarit 90F2.8.

2 Bodies, 4 lens that sounds a lot and actually I packed the big Crumpler 8 Mio dollar bag. It is a bit over-sized, but then I have room for papers, wallet, reading and sun glasses and on the flight I can pack in a book, you can probably pack a tablet as well. I am proud I resisted the urge to buy a new bag.

I shot 4 rolls of film and a few hundred (but less than 1K) digital frames; this first set was done inside the Warorot market with the M6 and mainly the Summilux; film is the Kodak TMY 400.

I like the TMY400 for its low grain and slightly lower contrast that the Tri-x. I think all in all these shots turn out to be quite pleasant.

The Summilux is suffering from back focusing on the M262 but that does not show at all on the film shots.

People in the market are quite friendly, actually it is quite a touristic spot so the view of a tourist with a camera is not news.

I try to follow the advice of pro photographer Bobby Lee : let people know you are here, that you want to take a picture of them or their activity, but once they agree (or ignore you) don’t just snap and run away; as they don’t bother the least you can do is hang around until you have a good shot.

All scanned with the now antique Epson v500


Warorot Market – Chiang Mai – Thailand

Multiple photo systems for the travel

Give me some Noodles, Uncle.
Give me some Noodles, Uncle.

I don’t know about you, but I have having gear taking dust at home while I am enjoying myself with my favorite camera system on a once in a lifetime trip.

Also I cherish the idea that carrying a different camera format will let me bring back home a broader range of pics. I then end up carrying two cameras (and sometime a point and shoot for my son).

First things first, I am a Nikon shooter. My common camera is a D700, that I usually bring for each outing. My best combo is the 17-35 2.8, the 50D1.8 and a 70-200D2.8.

I have brought different second cameras in my past holidays and here are a summary of my thoughts:
– Agfa Isolette III: The Agfa has been my second camera since the early 90’s where I was shooting with a Minolta SRT101. It is great because the medium format fulfill the requirement of providing a different type of pictures. The quality once scanned is amazing. This is a small camera but has no metering so you need to carry a light Metter. Of course with age, the Agfa is at this time in not such a great condition and it’s a pitty to miss those great shots.

– Leica M4: king of camera is it? Small, a bit heavier than the Agfa, friendly looking but no mettering. I love shooting with the Leica. However, I think the drawback is the film format. 35mm is the same as full frame DSLR, so I always end up asking myself why bother?

– Nikon F3, Nikon F4: that’s the good news. One manual, one autofocus; one small one big. Although they have the same drawback as the Leica in term of film format, they are more interesting because they share the same lenses as my DSLR. So I can act as a real pro with two bodies, each with a different lens, so I end up taking different pictures. And if I want to swap lenses it’s even easier with two bodies than with a pouch. Only drawback, my latest AF lenses are not great for manual focus on the F3.

I know, I have to elaborate a little more, but in conclusion I think a second Nikon body is great, because you just bring along a single set of lenses. However I love the appeal of medium format, so probably next toy for tavelling around will be a Hassy why not?

Camera::Leica M4, summilux 50mm1.4
Film:Kodak Trix 400
Scanner:Epson V500, Epson Scan
Post Processing:Lightroom 3.3 and Photoshop Elements for the frame and dust removel

Multiple photo systems for the travel