Girl by the road side – Udaipur – Rajasthan – India

The girl on the side of the road

Sorry, as I said yesterday, I have loads of pictures from Rajasthan so I think i’ll keep posting them until I am done with sorting them out and publishing a small book on Blurb.
Actually as follow up of my post of yesterday, I think I’ll do 2 books, one with the pictures one with the pictures interesting a more general audience, and why not try to sell this book. He he, maybe I can get enough money to by a couple of rolls of film? So I have starting to tag the family pictures as “Family” in Lightroom, so I can export them all on one go. Oh yeah, I’m using Lightroom 3 for post processing and an old version of Photoshop Elements for which I have a license. I have loaded all the pics, digital and film in a “India 2012” collection, and that’s where I’m working from, rejecting pictures that are not good enough for publishing and lightly touching up the others as I go along.

Oh yeah, the girl by the road side was standing by the road side (amazing !) with a lot of other people on the way from downtown Udaipur to our hotel in a quite busy cross-roads. At that time of ate afternoon the sun was on her back but without too much touching-up the results is show-able, note that this was shot from inside the car with the 50mm, but I’ll come back on this later.

Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: Nikkor 50mm F1.8D App: F.4 Speed:1/4000s
Processing: LR3+PS Elements 4.0

Girl by the road side – Udaipur – Rajasthan – India