The uncle he is a painter – Singapore





This old folk was renovation some mural paintings along Keing Saik road near chinatown.








All shots with the Leica IIIc with the Jupiter 12 35mm f2.8; I used the Ilford Pan 400ISO.

Still 4 or 5 shots going wrong on the film, but the rest is ok, but in short the Leica is not 100 operational.

The Jupiter is not bad after all but it back focuses a bit, it is definitely embarrassing of closer shots.

I just bought a Helios viewfinder for 35,85 and 135 mm so there will be more exploration of the Jupiter but also the Canon 135mm soon.


The uncle he is a painter – Singapore

L’oncle à vélo – 17 Octobre

Cycling Uncle / L'oncle cyliste


Photo: Cycling Uncle in Little india (Singapore)
Camera:Nikon D700
Lens: Nikkor 17-35 F2.8 IF ED @ 35mm F5 1/80
Retouches: Lightroom 3

Petite promenade familiale dans Little India Dimanche avec le nouveau matos. Pas grand chose de neuf à photographier, mais soudain déboule l’Oncle à Vélo, pédalant en buvant son café dans une pochette plastique. J;ai manqué de temps pour la mise au point, dommage.  Ou pas.

L’oncle à vélo – 17 Octobre