Cannes (France) Destruction of the old Hospital

The old hospital is being destructed; I made a few shots of the “destruction site” on a bright sunny day.

The 17-35 and polarizing filter made wonder (to my taste), I love the colors.

On the building itself, I don’t know much, it was built after WWII, my dad worked on some of the iron fences that were surrounding it. I always loved the late Art-Deco/Modernist side or it. Another landmark on the go…

I had the pleasure to spend a few days there around 2006, and the inside was in urgent need or renovation. Some rooms probably had sea view, some a distressing view on Cannes cemetery

Not many people were working at  the destruction; I had a discussion with this young chap, who apologized for not being able to let me inside… thanks anyway mate.


Cannes (France) Destruction of the old Hospital