Bukit Brown Cemetery – Singapore

Bukit Brown Cemetery - Singapore
Bukit Brown Cemetery - Singapore

Yesterday, we finally went to the Bukit Brown Chinese Cemetery, here in Singapore. A motorway will be built through it so a lot of tombs will be destroyed. This is causing quite a stir here as a lot of the founders of Singapore are buried in this place. It’s easy to get a cab and go there in 20 minutes from the city center. The place is buried in a forest, we even spotted a monkey.

My son Noé, now 9, shot this with his brand new Nikon coolpix 7100; as you can see on the left hand side I brought the hassie and shot 3 rolls : one Ektar, one Portra and one Elitechrome, results next week. Ah yeah I also brought the new(second hand) Olympus mju1 to finish the test film. (Noé managed to broke the old one, and I found one for 60Eur by compete chance shouting at me from the shop “buy me, buy me”).

On the Coolpix 7100: I chose this camera for my son because it has a viewfinder and offers a certain (very high) number of controls. I hesitated a long time with the Canon G12, the G12 seems better build in my opinion but finally I prefer the images produced by the Nikon. We did not use it a lot, but we are not disappointed with it so far. I would only say that that the viewfinder is not great and may not get so much use in the end of the day. Kids also have a tendency to play with controls and forget to reset them to a reasonable default so it’s better checking the settings before using the camera.

Bukit Brown Cemetery – Singapore

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