How I ruined the rest of the film

No Parking (Sadri close to Raknapur, in Rajastan India)

I was very happy to walk around the small town of Sidri close to Raknapur in Rajastan. When the color roll came to an end I switched the back of the hassie for the black and white on,e to the wonder of two nice kids who were following me. I even managed not to drop one of the backs on the ground as I did in Borobudur not so long ago.

Evening comes, I take the color back and rewind the film, take it out put a new one in, switch the backs, take the black and white back and …. rewind !!! Donkey !!! There was only two shots in the film ! Worse were the ten worrying seconds where I had the feeling something was going wrong without being able to tell what. Yes there are pretty worse things than rewinding an unfinished film.

Camera: Hasselblad 500 CM
Lens: 80mm F2.8 Planar
Film: Kodak Tri-x 400
Scanner: Epson v500

How I ruined the rest of the film

3 thoughts on “How I ruined the rest of the film

    1. Good spot, I actually though shall I write wind or rewind? You are correct I wind the film through the end without watching the picture number

      1. yeah. on older cameras of the folding kind, sometimes i’d wind the 120 film on twice, and sometimes i’d forget to wind altogether – and end up with a double exposure.

        maybe you could write “fast forward” πŸ™‚

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